National Identity Index. Issue 2


The results of monitoring of processes in the realm of Belarusian national identity in November 2020—January 2021


  • In total, the contribution of public actors in identity strengthening made up 65%
  • Ethnography and regionalism prevail in the most notable actions of the state in favour of identity, the narrative of civic passivity is promoted. By promoting the narrative of the ‘fascist’ nature of the white-red-white flag, the state newspaper actually repeats the narratives of National Socialist propaganda in its own way
  • The society continues to reflect on the events of the summer of 2020, including national affirmative statements of celebrities and artistic reflection. Among the public figures there are those who support the state narrative of the ‘fascist’ nature of the white-redwhite flag
  • In the current political environment, businesses are wary of identity initiatives and in fact avoid such activity

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