Belarus between NATO and CSTO. Law and Geopolitics

Беларусь между НАТО и ОДКБ. Право и геополитика

Unlike Moscow, official Minsk does not perceive NATO as a direct threat to security, which allows us to build a dialogue for further cooperation.


The desire of Belarus to ensure the independence and effectiveness of the national armed forces to a certain extent can be successfully realized. In particular, in the ranking of military power Military Strength Ranking-2019, Belarus took 39th position. This is the best indicator of the country in recent years.

In the framework of the current geopolitical situation, this approach is seen as the only rational one. Consistent "unobtrusive" cooperation with NATO and "careful" military cooperation with Russia without undue reliance on the CSTO allows Belarus to remain with a larger neutral state and act as a buffer between the geopolitical West and Russia.

Table of content


    • Official doctrine: respect Russia, but don't despise NATO
    • Eastern vector: Friendship as much strong as it is fragile
      • CSTO
      • Union State
    • Belarus – NATO: since 2014, interaction has been on the rise
    • “We shouldn't look at them as enemies”
    • Concluding remarks