Mission, Values, and Strategic Vision

1. BISS is a public, research, non-partisan and policy-oriented organization. 

2. In their activities, the director and experts of BISS (‘team’) are guided by the principles of professionalism, transparency and accountability. 

3. BISS, while remaining an ideologically and politically non-partisan, adheres to the basic values ​​of an open society and promotes them in Belarus in a way specific to think tanks: by evidence-based analysis, educational initiatives, and participation in public debates.

4. In its research, BISS tends to work within critical rationalism paradigm, the basic principles of which are: (i) pragmatism; (ii) problem-centrism; (iii) the priority of the justification context; (iv) objectivity; (v) logic. 

5. In the field of policy-shaping the main task of BISS is strategic expertise: analysis of socio-political processes in the long-term perspective and development of recommendations based on a realistic assessment of risks and opportunities. 

6. In the field of education, the priority of BISS is the promotion of critical thinking skills. 

7. BISS is guided by a strategic vision of Belarus as an Open Society and Distinct Nation (OSDN). The future Belarus, according to our vision, must be built on the values ​​of an open society and have a well-developed national identity. 

These bullet statements are explained in detail in seven separate articles, as yet available only in Belarusian. 

Approved by the BISS Board in April 2019.