Dzianis Melyantsou and Aliaksandr Autushka-Sikorski present a lecture on the engagement between Belarus and the EU to Homiel residents

BISS analysts Dzianis Melyantsou and Aliaksandr Autushka-Sikorski on 24 May presented a lecture on the relationship between Belarus and the European Union to residents of Homiel. The event was part of the European Intercultural Festival.

Specifically, Dzianis Melyantsou spoke about the European institutions and the political and economic structure of the European Union.

The Dialogue on Modernisation with Belarus, which was announced by Štefan Füle, Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood, back in 2012, was discussed as well.

When talking to the Homiel audience about this initiative by the European Union, Aliaksandr Autushka-Sikorski noted: “We need to find out exactly what problems the Dialogue on Modernisation can tackle. The EU originally focused on state and public problems, as well as challenges for business. These objectives won’t have an impact on politics in the Belarusian state, but they are capable of stabilizing the current situation in the country.”

The lecturers also had a debate with local experts on such issues as Belarus’ accession to the Bologna Process and the EU’s policy of double standards towards various countries.