Belarus’ Foreign Policy Index №2 (April-May 2011)

Belarus’ Foreign Policy Index №2 (April-May 2011)

We are proud to present the Belarus' Foreign Policy Index for the period encompassing April and May 2011, a survey assessing key trends in international relations engaging Belarus. In this issue we analyze as many as five Belarus’ foreign political vectors: the relations with the European Union, with Russia, and with China, with developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and Belarusian relations with Ukraine.

April and May saw crucial events that had a major impact, among others, on the political life of the country. The trials of the participants in the December 19 events, Minsk metro bombing, currency and economic crisis, and search for external financing…

The foreign political Wind Rose of that period clearly indicates a substantial “shrinkage” of the foreign political vectors. In other words, the Belarusian authorities see the room for foreign political maneuver narrowing, while self-isolation trends are growing more prominent. On the one hand, this may attest to more severe repressions inside the country, on the other hand, this provides an indication that the pendulum of Belarusian foreign policy will soon swing back towards the West. Some of the recent statements of the president seem to be paving the way for such a turn.

We wish you a pleasant reading and invite you to share your comments and suggestions to make the Index better and more interesting.

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