The Identity Index. Issue 1


Results of monitoring of processes in the realm of national identity over August—October 2020


  • In total, the contribution of non-state actors to the strengthening of identity was more than 80%
  • A significant part of the state activities relevant to the identity is characterized by regionality, routine and adherence to the narrative of the local-mindedness (tutejšaść). The reaction of the state bodies to the socio-political protests was the restoration of the message that the white-red-white flag is ‘fascist’ and ‘artificial’, as well as the emphasis on the ‘non-Polishness’ of Belarusians as a negative identity
  • The street protests of the post-election period were accompanied by the popularization of identity relevant symbols and the strengthening of the national unity sense. Expressions of honour to belong to an “outstanding people” on the part of famous personalities have been an additional factor in strengthening this feeling
  • Many domestic businesses showed solidarity with the protest movement, and they put civic values above short-term profit, the latter being indirectly important for strengthening standing above classes solidarity, which is very important from the point of view of asserting national identity

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