Dec 10, 2020: Expert Analytical Club Meeting

December 10, 17.00, pre-registration is required, details below.

The weekly analytical monitoring Belarus in Focus in partnership with the Press Club, the website of the Belarusian expert community “Our Opinion” and the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies invite you to think about the future of Belarus.

In the midst of a socio-political crisis, most attention is often focused on tactical, but not strategic issues. And the planning horizon of many actors has narrowed to a next week. However, one way or another, the crisis will be resolved, and the Belarusian society will face many challenges related to rebuilding the country. Together we will discuss a number of long term issues:

  • Given the foundation laid in 2020, what will be the key features of the new Belarus?
  • What will be the main challenges for the new Belarus, and what might help to achieve success?
  • What changes in society and government are to be taken into account to ensure a better future for Belarus?

The working languages ​​of the discussion are Belarusian, Russian, English (simultaneous translation will be ensured).

We invite experts, foreign journalists, employees of the Foreign Ministry, representatives of civil organizations who are interested in what is happening in Belarus.

The main speakers:

  • Andrey Yahorau, political scientist, senior analyst at the Centre for European Transformation;
  • Anton Radniankou, Press Secretary of the Coordination Council, Director of the Centre for New Ideas;
  • Anna Kozlova, TEDxMinsk licensee, popularizer of science;
  • Yaraslau Bekish, an entrepreneur, a graduate of the International Leadership Program of Senator John McCain, ex-head of the Green Network.

Moderators - Valeria Kostyugova (Our Opinion website), Vadim Mojeiko (BISS) and Anton Rulou (Belarus in Focus / Press Club).

The organizers plan to video-record the discussion. For the Chatham House rule to apply, the participant should explicitly notify s/he wants to voice an opinion under this rule - the opinion will then be cut from the video.

1. To take part in the online discussion, you need to fill in a google form at
(Please note that you will not be able to join the meeting after it starts.)
2. Click on the invitation link you receive in return to install Zoom on your computer (phone, tablet) and join the meeting. It's easy and free.
3. During the discussion, we will all see and hear each other all the time, and after the speakers' speech, the moderator will give the floor to the guests for questions and comments.