Tadeo Julián Vázquez Sánchez

Tadeo Sánchez
Intern in 2020-2021

He majored in International Relations at St Andrew’s University in Argentina and has recently achieved a MA Degree in European Union Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands. He has worked as a Communications and Institutional Relations Analyst for the business sector in Argentina. 

Throughout the years, Tadeo developed a great interest in the field of international politics and civil society and focused his research on political transformation scenarios in Belarus and Ukraine, concentrating on the role of civil society organizations. He also specializes in the EU’s position as a political actor and has assessed the impact of the Eastern Partnership in Belarus and Georgia. 

Other research interests include populism, political communication, and democracy. 

In addition to Spanish (his mother tongue), Tadeo speaks English, French, and Italian, and has a basic knowledge of Russian.

Contact: vazquezt@udesa.edu.ar