Polling Memo: Belarusians Feel Sceptical about Modernization and Tend to Rely on Themselves

Polling Memo: Belarusians Feel Sceptical about Modernization and Tend to Rely on Themselves

The majority of Belarusians believe the country needs a change and agree with the Government’ message on industrial modernization that could bring a growth in the national economy. At the same time they neither rely on the officials, nor on the top management of the national enterprises, but rather tend to believe in the foreign investments as a key to economic development.

The March polling data, provided by the IISEPS, show that the shortage of skilled personnel, engaged in the modernization, is now evident to the majority of Belarusians.

The second emerging trend is the gradual reorientation in the population’s economic values. Belarusians would prefer a market economy with little government regulation. Most of them do not expect the government to improve their well-being, but rather need opportunities enabling them to earn a good living.

Finally, as it was predicted by the BISS, Aliaksandr Lukashenka should expect an increase neither in his electoral popularity, nor in the electorate’s confidence, and in general, the public opinion on the political issues is not likely to remarkably change in the coming quarters.

It is also worth noting that Belarusians adequately assess the situation in the national economy and their own financial well-being: the dynamics of the assessments corresponds to the current situation. Their persistent geopolitical choice in favour of the European integration is probably due to understanding of the need to transit to a market economy. Comparing the recent polling data with March 2012, when the pro-Russian orientation reached its maximum, we can conclude that the population does not perceive any positive dynamics in the relations between Belarus and Russia, while the choice for the European integration meets their economic values.

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