Piotr Rudkouski granted nominee's diploma of Sviatlana Navumava Award

On March 2, BISS director Piotr Rudkouski received a nominee's diploma of Sviatlana Navumova Award 'for analytical work in BISS, participation in public debates and attempts to cooperate with pro-government experts.' The diploma was granted under the category 'Political Science / Political Technology in 2019.'

Photo: Radio Racyja

Seven more persons received similar diplomas under four categories: 'Civil Initiative in 2019', 'Political Science / Political Technology in 2019', 'Political journalism in 2019', and 'Political Blogging in 2019'. Brest environmental activists (as a group), Andrei Parotnikau, Artsiom Shraibman, and Yuri Vashchanchuk became the laureates of the Award.


By the way, in the short-list of nominees for the award were also included:

Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS) - for a comprehensive study of the activity of political actors on social networks during the parliamentary election campaign, as well as blitz-analyses of political processes - in the category of "Political Science and Political Technologies in 2019".

Vadim Mojeiko, a BISS analyst, for analyses on 'soft Belarusization', cultural diplomacy, government policy in the sphere of culture and education, public administration - in the category of "Political Journalism in 2019".

The ceremony was held in Minsk "Press Club".