BISS has a new Director

On March 12, 2018, the BISS General Shareholders Meeting appointed Piotr Rudkouski the new director of BISS. A week later, his appointment was registered in the Registracijos centras in Vilnius. In this position, Rudkouski replaced Igor Marinich, who held the post as the executive director from April 2016 to March 12, 2018.
Piotr Rudkouski holds a PhD in the humanities (Warsaw University). He taught at European Humanities University and Lazarski University. He was a research fellow at Southwestern College (USA), the Institute for Civil Space and Public Policy (Poland) and the Center for Eastern Studies (Poland). Author of four books and about 75 articles. A laureate of Leu Sapieha Award (Poland). From May 2017 to March 2018, he held an informal position "academic director" in BISS.
The main tasks of the new director will be the formation of a new team of experts, launching of the research program "Value Transformations" and the development of a network of communication channels between the institute and the public.
With this appointment, the shareholders invalidated the division of BISS management into "academic director" and "executive director" that existed for several years and brought back the original principle of "one director".