10 years ago Vitali Silitski passed away. His ideas live


A special session of Expert Analytical Club. Andrew Wilson, Valeriya Kostyugova, Alena Kudzko among key speakers

10 years ago, on June 11, 2011, the prominent Belarusian political scientist Vitali Silitski passed away. He is known for the conception of preemptive authoritarianism and ‘authoritarian international’. He was also the first director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS). In the context of post-election 2020 protests, his intellectual legacy is of special relevance.

In the special session of Expert Analytical Club, together with Silitski‘s friends and associates we discussed how Silitski's legacy may help approach the current political crisis in Belarus. The event took place on June 10th, 5 PM Minsk time.

Keynote speakers:

  • Andrew Wilson, Senior Research Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and Professor of East European Studies at UCL, author of Belarus: The Last European Dictatorship
  • Valeriya Kostyugova, editor of the Belarusian Yearbook and Nashe Mneniye
  • Ryhor Astapenia, director of the Chatham House Belarus Initiative, co-founder of Vitali Silitski Fellowship
  • Alena Kudzko, director of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute
  • Piotr Rudkoŭski, director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS)

Moderators: Vadim Mojeiko (BISS) and Anton Ruliou (Belarus in Focus Information Office/Press Club Belarus).

The video recording of the session to appear soon.